Implementation of Multiple Displays

     Well, if you made it to this site you probably have an above average understanding of how to setup multiple displays.  For the sake of everyone else I will try to be as thorough as possible in this explanation.

The Basics

     We’ll start with trying to identify what different things everyone reading this might have.  Most people start with one display and then for whatever reason decide that it would be cool to add a second display.  Let us assume for one minute that you are one of these people.  First things first.  We need to do an equipment check.

Graphics card

     What type of graphics card are you using?  Most people have something like this:

This configuration shows VGA,  SVIDEO, and DVI connectors.  However, this is not the only configuration possible, there is also this possibility:

What Are Your Options?

     This is where the use of extra displays gets to be serious fun. There are a lot of ways that extra displays can be advantageous.  Having one screen for the game and another screen showing something else like the internet or whatever is one way, but the main focus here is how best to enjoy games stretched across multiple monitors.  In this post I am going to look at the advantages of both the dual screen and triple screen approaches   I will use my Paladin from World of Warcraft to demonstrate how they differ from each other.

Single Monitor
Single Monitor

Wallpaper for Multiple Displays

     I have spent hours trying to select the perfect wallpaper for my dual monitors.  Not just any image will do.  It has to do more than just span both monitors.  It has to do it seamlessly, or virtually so.  It has to have  some kind of wow factor, while at the same time express my personality.  An image of a stand of trees would never do.  No matter how beautifully green the trees may be.  No matter how breath-taking the photography that bore the image.  A stand f trees, to me, is still just a stand of trees. 
     The wallpaper you selected for your system has probably been a product of a similar decision making process.  Anyway, today I am going to recommend some dual screen wallpaper sites.  To be fair to the sources of these  images I have chosen to pull a single image from each site.  the image will serve as a sample for that site.  From there you will be able to select what images you are actually interested in.  I have selected sites that have good content and not too much BS going on so that you can enjoy perusing through their selections.